Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important human resource to our Charity and the people we serve. They may participate both on an on-going basis and/or an episodic basis. For the moment, Volunteer services are provided mainly by individuals. But help may be mobilized through corporate and institutional project groups, as well as through support provided by other care-giving organisations. Dedicated and experienced Volunteers are invited to become Members.

Currently, we have 23 Members and a small team of specially selected volunteers who are in active service.

As our needs increases and our advocacy and outreach programmes grow, we can succeed only to the extent that we effectively and successfully engage Volunteers to join our ranks. We depend on them to bring on board their skills and expertise to serve with love and compassion.

Benefits of being a CARE Volunteer

  • Free training.
  • Invitation to attend workshops, seminars, events etc not only of CARE but of the whole associated social service community
  • Personal fulfillment and character building
  • Learn to stand up for PLWHAS with support from CARE
  • Enhancement of personal portfolio
  • Latest news and updates about CARE and HIV/AIDS
  • Invitation to serve as CARE Member, with higher levels of responsibilities

Click here for the Volunteer Application Form, complete it and email to

Qualities of A Volunteer

Are You…

  1. Ready to subscribe to CARE’s Vision and Mission and not belong to other organisations that uphold conflicting beliefs and principles?
  2. 18 years of age or above?
  3. Able to communicate and interact effectively with the PLWHAs?
  4. In good health?

Desirable Qualities

  1. Must be sympathetic to the needs of PLWHAs
  2. Must be committed to contribute at least 1 hour a week to CARE
  3. Must be willing to work with other Volunteers
  4. Must be willing to adhere to CARE’s Code of Conduct for Volunteers
  5. Must accept the authority of CARE officers

Areas Requiring Volunteers

We need dedicated Volunteers to service our full spectrum of needs:


  • Public Education
  • Joint-awareness campaigns with Caritas Singapore and other Catholic organisations and/or not-for-profit organisations with similar aims and objectives.
  • Awareness within the Catholic Church and members of the Catholic Community
  • Well-being of the residents at the CARE Shelter as well as non-resident PLWHAs
  • Psycho-social support
  • Physical needs (food, shelter, education, exercise, etc)
  • Instill in them a love for work
  • Help them derive joy from working with their hands
  • Work can include doing household chores, making handicraft, gardening, painting etc.

What Volunteers Do

Some problems facing PLWHAs that Volunteers may need to deal with include:

  • Loneliness and rejection
  • Discrimination at home and at work
  • High cost of medicines and hospitalization
  • Low education or illiteracy
  • Drug addiction
  • Low income and/or lack of financial resources
  • Lack of familial and/or peer support
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence or depression
  • Behavioral issues due to lack of proper upbringing/ broken homes/ bad company
  • Poor health due to low resistance

Training for Volunteers

All Volunteers undergo the same Induction and Basic Training. Beyond that there are Specialized Training courses for those carrying out different roles and duties including programmes offered by the Patient Care Centre of the Communicable Disease Centre, Caritas Singapore and the National Council of Social Services.

As a member organization of Caritas Singapore, we adopt the Caritas Volunteer Management Policy. The Caritas Volunteer Handbook explains the various ways that volunteers can work meaningfully with CARE and derive a positive and happy experience. We are constantly making improvements to the way we engage Volunteers so as to enrich their life through satisfying and meaningful volunteering experiences. Constructive feedback from Volunteers is always welcome.

Obligations of a Volunteer

  1. Must sign all the relevant forms and paperwork including the Volunteer Registration and Volunteer Disclaimer Forms.
  2. Must sign a liability waiver releasing CARE of any liability for any injuries received in the course of volunteering at CARE or participation in CARE events/activities.
  3. Must attend training arranged by CARE.
  4. Must protect the privacy and the identities of the beneficiaries of CARE.
  5. Must not make public statements or press releases on CARE and its activities without the written approval of the CARE Management Committee.