Non-Residential Support Programme

There are more people living with HIV Aids (PLWHAs) not in residence, who have called on CARE for various forms of support and assistance.  Among them are women with children. We began a support programme for them in 2008. Presently we are looking after a group of women who are mostly foreigners married to Singaporean men and their children.

Our non-residential programme also extends to other PLWHAs who are living on their own who require help.  This group includes the elderly, the loner as well as ex-residents who have moved on to stay in subsidized rental flats.

We provide emotional and spiritual care and assist them with some form of financial aid.   Besides helping with their day-to-day living supplies, we provide support for the nourishment, schooling and even clothing where there are children. Our volunteers provide befriending service to those who are feeling lonely or who find it hard to cope on their own.

Arising from an in-depth strategic review, we are now looking beyond our existing group of beneficiaries. We see our mission as being available to and encouraging all PLWHAs who need help to come to us. Regardless of their point of contact, we see our role as journeying with them through life.