What Volunteers do

Areas Requiring Volunteers

We need dedicated Volunteers to service our full spectrum of needs:


  • Public Education
  • Joint-awareness campaigns with other NGOs & CDC and other government agencies
  • Awareness within the Catholic Church and members of the Catholic Community
  • Wellbeing of the residents at the CARE Shelter as well as non-resident PLWHAs:
  • Medical needs
  • Psycho-social support
  • Physical needs (food, shelter, education, exercise, etc)
  • Dialogue with Community Development Councils and businesses on non-discrimination against PLWHAs
  • Work with Workforce Development Agency on possible areas of work suitable for PLWHAs
  • Prepare PLWHAs for work
  • Instill and/or build the need for daily work

What Volunteers Do

Some problems facing PLWHAs that Volunteers may need to deal with include:

  • Loneliness and rejection
  • Discrimination at home and at work
  • High cost of medicines and hospitalisation
  • Low education or illiteracy
  • Drug addiction
  • Low income and/or lack of financial resources
  • Lack of familial and/or peer support
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence or depression
  • Lack of proper upbringing / broken homes / bad company
  • Poor health due to low resistance


Click here to go to the Volunteer Application Form, fill up and send it in.