Dum Spiro Spero

While I breathe, I hope
While I hope, I hope in my LORD
With hope, my faith in my LORD
remains steadfast

PLWHAs like any other individual, share same hopes and dreams like us.

With AIDS, these aspirations are shattered. Health issues contribute to their dilemma aggravated painfully by prejudice and stigma by society at large. Rejected by friends and even family pushes them to the limit of hopelessness and depression. With no such support, it becomes a struggle to live independently as a whole person; as meaningful as any other normal individual.

At CARE, we strive to provide them with  much needed physical and spiritual support. Besides providing a shelter that aims to meet their physical and spiritual needs, programmes such as mediation, intercessory prayers and counselling work towards meeting some of our objectives. Spiritual healing is just as important healing of their physical self.

We call one of our programmes, DUM SPIRO SPERO, Latin for While I Breathe, I Hope. With this initiative, all residents of our shelter are encouraged to participate in a series of handicraft works where they produce candles, rosaries, crucifixes and Christmas cribs, by hand.

It does not aim to provide a livelihood for our residents.

However, its purpose lies in a far more meaningful and poignant reason. It helps them to appreciate the joy of work. The sale of these beautiful handicrafts produced by our residents give recognition of your acceptance of these often ‘forgotten’ individuals in our society. Each time you take home one of their handicraft, you affirm their belief that they are not forgotten and gives them hope and a sense of self-worth to carry on living fulfilling lives.

PLWHAs are very much a part of this world that God planned for everyone. They, like us, are God’s children.

You may order the items made by our residents as door gifts or table gifts for your private functions such as weddings or birthday celebrations, as well as for corporate events. We can also customize the packaging to your preference. To find out more or place your order, please call 6353 5440 or email us at administrator@care.org.sg.

Check out the work of our hands.