Story from Resident

When I was first diagnosed with HIV, I was shocked.  I was gripped by fear.  Then I thought to myself, “Should I tell my employer about my condition?  Should I share with my flatmate that I have am HIV positive?”

The answer was “NO”!

If I tell others I have HIV, they will surely avoid me like the plague!  Instead I kept everything to myself.   Keeping the silence made my heart heavy with worries.   I had no one to share my problems and my fears.  One question that kept ringing in my ears was, “what if I should die from AIDS?”

I am the only child and both my parents had passed away.   It was painful to think that I have let them down.  If they were alive still, I would have been so ashamed to face them.  I am sure they would have felt great sorrow and shame to have a son like me. I had no one I could trust to confide in about my HIV status.

Out of shame and guilt, I kept to myself and alienated myself from my friends.   I led a very lonely life just going through the motion of everyday living without meaning or hope.   This went on until I was introduced to the CARE Shelter.

When I finally got myself admitted to the CARE shelter, I felt a sense of relief.   The people who stayed there were like me.  I didn’t feel the need to hide the truth.  I could be myself, at last!  I was able to talk freely about my illness, my worries and fears.  Furthermore, the staff understood us and did not discriminate against people like me.